Hello and welcome to the wonderful world of investing in the Disney company. This section of this web page is here to show you that investing in Disney is a very safe way to invest for the future, and to show you the many advantages of owning stock in Disney.

Why invest in Disney?

Disney is the world's largest entertainment company on the planet. They are spread out into every major entertainment industry from Broadway  Musicals to Cruises. They continue to expand, which drives up their profit, which in turn, drives up the value of their stock.  If you are looking for a good way to make some good money, you should look into investing in Disney.

Shareholder Benefits

Shareholders are eligible to purchase a two-year Magic Kingdom Club Gold Card membership for $50, a $15 discount from the public price. This membership provides a wide variety of discounts and services at our theme parks, resorts and stores, as well as with many of our travel partners.

This offer is extended to all current shareholders. For more information or to order the card, please contact the Magic Kingdom Club directly at (800) 49-DISNEY. (Foreign orders are $70.)

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I am not a stock borker, and I am in no way responsible for any loss of funds from people taking my advice. Everything in this article is completely true, but I am not responsible for anything lost or gained from people reading this article.